Scientists warn against eating lots of red meat

Occasionally there are reports in the media that excessive consumption of a lot of red meat is bad for your health. Recently, the professional journal BMJ published a study that shows that the more red meat you eat (such as beef, pork or lamb), the greater the risk of premature death. But the opposite is also true: the risk of death decreases by eating more healthy products instead.


In the study described, tens of thousands of people of middle age were followed for 16 years. The researchers found that people who had eaten more red meat during the research period - especially processed red meat - were at a higher risk of dying prematurely. Those who put more grains, legumes, vegetables and fish on the menu instead of meat decreased the risk.




This reminds me of the many conversations I had with Alfred Vogel, the famous pioneer of natural medicine. He often pointed out to me the importance of a low-protein diet, with little meat. He himself was the living proof of this. The vitality with which he even in old age defended naturopathy and healthy food in particular, was very inspiring. 


By reading more books on nutrition, I am even more convinced that by eating too much meat, fish, cheese and other dairy products we are acidifying the space around the cells and burdening them with waste products. In this way the cellular metabolism is compromised and this certainly contributes to the hardening of the blood vessels. Alfred Vogel always said: "Eat half." This is actually the best advice we can get: eat half of the meat and half of the cheese in the amount that has been common until now. It will go much better for us.