A questionnaire from the Stomach- Liver- Bowel Foundation in The Netherlands shows that the majority of people think that a peptic ulcer is caused by stress. However, this is not the case!

The average Dutch person has little knowledge about digestion. But he does suffer from the consequences. More than two million people in the Netherlands suffer from a digestive disorder. By publishing a new brochure series, the Stomach Liver Bowel Foundation, in cooperation with the Dutch Association of Stomach Liver Physicians, wants to increase knowledge about digestion and eliminate myths in this area. Results knowledge quiz No less than 70% of the more than 1000 people who have completed the knowledge quiz on the website of the MLDS, think that an ulcer is caused by stress. In the past, people also thought that a peptic ulcer was caused by stress. This is a persistent misunderstanding. Since the eighties it has been known that an infection with a bacterium is in many cases the cause of a peptic ulcer. Stress can exacerbate but not cause stomach problems. Stomach complaints are common. One in four people in the Netherlands suffer from it. Common stomach complaints are: heartburn, gastritis, functional stomach complaints and peptic ulcer. Brochures have also been published on these topics. These include tips and advice on what people can do themselves to prevent these symptoms as much as possible.
Source: www.mlds.nl - 30 Oct 2009


Most health problems and diseases has multiple causes. In a family there may be two who get flu for example, while the others don't get infected, despite the fact that they interact with each other. So there are clearly more factors than just the virus. This is also the case with getting a peptic ulcer. For example, stress in one case causes a peptic ulcer, while the other one gets a headache. Not all ulcers are caused by Heliobacter. Not all ulcers are the result of stress. But claiming that stress does not cause ulcers, but that this is only a result of an infection, does not fit with what you can see in practice. Stress can indeed be one of the main causes of gastritis and ulcers. Stress has a disruptive effect on the autonomic nervous system and can be the basis of a disturbance of the gastric juices production. The pancreas is also very sensitive to the effects of the vagus nerve, which is indeed affected by stress. The pancreas is in turn closely related to the stomach. And can therefore play a role in the development of stress.
Stress-regulating phytotherapeutics (Passiflora, Melissa, Valeriana, Lavandula, Gentiana, etc.) can be very effective with stomach ulcers. Together with Edisan (25 drops three times a day before meals) this almost always has good results.