I've been married to Nicole for 45 years. We can say that we have become part of a rarer species. I am the proud father of two daughters and grandfather of a granddaughter and four grandsons.

Training I've had:

Doctor of medicine, surgery and obstetrics, KU Leuven, July 1979.
Various courses in homeopathy, phytotherapy, iridology, Germany.
Phytotherapy course, SFPA, Paris, 1985 - 86.

For forty years I was allowed to practice:

Praktijk natuurlijke geneeswijzen, Leuven, 1979 - 1992.
Centre for Natural Medicine, Preventive Diagnostics and Homeopathy, Maastricht, 1993 - 1999.
Natural medicine practice, Leuven, 2000 - present

This has resulted in more than 125,000 consultations, thanks to many thousands of patients, whom I am really grateful for everything I have learned from them.

Additional features:

Editor-in-chief of the magazine 'Gezondheidsnieuws', The Netherlands, 1983 - 1999.
Editor-in-chief of 'Beter' magazine, the Netherlands, 1983 - 1999.
Research and development of medicines for homeopathy and phytotherapy, since 1985 - present.
Production Film and Video, IPI, 1996 - 1999.


Member of NVF - Dutch Association for Phytotherapy.
Former member of BVF - Belgian Association of Phytotherapy.
Former member of ABNG - Artsenvereniging van Natuurgeneeskunde.
Courses naturopathy doctors - paramedics - broad public.
Stress management course for the general public.
Programme of natural slimming.


Course Phytotherapy for doctor and pharmacist.
Phytotherapy and coronary diseases
Homeopathy for the whole family, 1986.
Stop Stress, 1995.
Overcoming Millions of Beasts, 2002.
Heal yourself, 2003.
Stop Stress, 2009.

Stop Stress, 2016, ebook in english

Fight flight fright, 2016.


It was a special privilege to be a close associate of Alfred Vogel in Switzerland since 1983. For example, I thought up and developed various medicines for him, including Famosan and Edisan.

In addition to Alfred Vogel, there are a number of special professionals who have greatly influenced me and who have helped me personally in the development of my work, such as Dr Duraffourd and Dr Lapraz from Paris, Dr Budwig from Freudenstadt-Dietersweiler, Max Hollweg from Schlangen, Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Cor Aakster, Tony Kerselaars, Dr. Duran Goiz from Mexico, Dr. Jozef Deck, Dr. Schimmel and many others... 

There were also nice interviews about stress / natural medicine - 30 min TV2 Finnish television - 1996;

Several broadcasts Belgian BRT Radio - Regional TV's in various public magazines in Belgium and the Netherlands,

It was also a very nice experience as co-presenter of a TV-series of 9 broadcasts on naturopathy: Beter in balans - RTL4 - 2000.

In recent years more and more emphasis has been placed on methods from physics, such as magnetism and therapies with the help of electromagnetic frequencies. I also worked intensively with MWO's and circuits of Lakhovsky.

Recently I followed extra courses including:

Magnetic pair therapy given by Dr. D. Goiz in Berlin in 2011.
Coach training given by Dr. L. Swinnen in 2017.
Burn-Out training by Dr. L. Swinnen in 2018

I have also developed products such as the Fytobell - products.

Several new ideas, concepts and books are now impatiently waiting for realization ...