Hello everyone,

The website had only just started or we ended up in an unpleasant period. A virus has turned the world upside down. And then to realize that you cannot even see that creature with the naked eye… In addition, I was also very much inhibited by a serious illness of my wife.

The time has come to pick up the thread again. That is why I am writing you this newsletter in the hope that I can regularly send you something that will help you. For your health, I mean.

Life has really changed since March 2020. Mouth caps and the 'social distance', and recently the vaccines, dominate the health advice.

I wonder why so little is said about our own immunity, about our own resistance. Yet it plays a major role in an epidemic; with any infection. Ultimately, only a small percent of the population is affected by an infection or who becomes ill as a result of an epidemic. A large part is barely affected or does not really get sick. Especially the elderly and those with serious health problems are victims. Is it not reasonable, in addition to passive defense and protection (mouth masks and hand hygiene), to pay close attention to immunity? To stimulate or improve it?

During this time it makes sense to take extra vitamins. Especially vitamin C and vitamin D come into the picture. It also goes without saying to keep the intestinal flora optimal. This is where much of our defense happens. Taking care of the respiratory organs and circulation should also come first. Outdoor exercise is the cheapest solution. This only makes sense if it happens regularly. Strange that so little attention is paid to this.

This is immediately an incentive to go out into the open air every day, to go hiking or cycling and to consciously breathe deeply and properly.

If you have any suggestions about themes or subjects that deserve attention, I would kindly invite you to pass them on by mail or via the website. I like to try to adapt to the needs that exist and the questions of the reader.

Take care of yourself, in all areas of your life,

Yours faithfully

Marcel Verheyen