Paying attention to the Covid problem is of course not enough to stay healthy. In addition to our resistance, there are other important elements that determine our health.

Proper disposal of toxins is very important to stay healthy and to feel vital. Especially after the winter, the body has a great need to clean up everything properly.


A few tips:

  1. BLOOD FLOW - You get good blood circulation through regular exercise. Especially now that we are more indoors, it is even more important to really pay attention to this.
  2. HYDRATION - Drink enough water is the message. Especially in the winter period, this is a major challenge for many. We have lost our feeling of thirst. However, a liter and a half per day is not too much. 
  3. LIVER - There are very good delivery methods. An example: Silybum marianum as a tincture is an excellent liver stimulant. The average dose is 25 drops three times a day.
  4. KIDNEYS - Drinking more is already a help for the kidneys. There are many herbal teas that support the kidneys such as Goldenrod tea. Drink herbal tea instead of soda.
  5. STOOL - A good bowel movement is of course important to properly cleanse the body. Some are helped by flax seeds or an extra tablespoon of olive oil. Frangulabiose, 1 capsule 2 times a day before a meal, is also a possible help.