A few circumstances prevented me from actively working with my website in 2020. Hence the silence on the site. For which my apologies. Covid slowed us all down, of course, but my wife got seriously ill.

ImunoND.jpgThis does not mean that we have been sitting completely still. With the Covid 19 happening in mind, I developed a natural alcohol-free hand gel in the spring of 2020. This product was completely refined last summer. Ultimately, the natural hand gel went into production at Fagron by express train. Fagron is active in pharmacy in thirty countries. Of course I am happy to write that Imuno ND is currently offered at Belgian, Czech and Spanish pharmacies. The product is completely alcohol-free, cares for the skin instead of drying it out and has the same antimicrobial properties as an alcohol gel. Imuno ND is mainly based on phytotherapeutics such as Tea tree and Eucalyptus.



The hand gel is available online.

At the moment there are other natural products in the pipeline, vitamins and a natural weight loss aid.
I also plan to write more regularly about health and put it on my site.
Hopefully, the coming months of 2021 will be fruitful for all of us.