British researchers: "It's never too late to quit smoking."

At the beginning of a new year, many hardened smokers are taking a break for now. However, some of them have been smoking for years and wonder if this makes any sense at all. The damage has been done anyway, they argue. However, a recent British study (published in the authoritative journal Nature) once again confirms that quitting smoking always makes sense. It reduces the risk of developing diseases such as lung cancer. And prevents new damage to the lungs. But not only that: the affected lung tissue of ex-smokers appears to recover better than previously assumed. According to the researchers, it's never too late to stop. 

Turning your back on the cigarette has undeniable health benefits. American authorities of the USA Department of Health and Human Services published the following list years ago. After smoking the last cigarette, the following happens in the body: 

After 0 to 2 days:
Blood pressure recovers to more normal levels, nicotine and its by-products disappear from the body.

After 3 days to 2 weeks:
You can breathe more easily, the capacity of the lungs increases.

After 2 to 4 weeks:
You can work out easier, you have more energy.

After 1 to 3 months:
Pulmonary function improves and you suffer less from respiratory tract infections.

After 3 months to a year: 
The risk of getting a lung disease (such as lung cancer) or a heart disease is greatly reduced.
You feel much fitter physically and mentally.