"That daily mountain of sugar and starch makes us sick." 

"If you fathom how our eating habits have evolved over the centuries, you'll understand why we now have such a massive obesity and cancer epidemic." According to diabetologist Professor Hanno Pijl in an interview in the newspaper Trouw. He explains: "After the industrial revolution, the food industry flooded us with unhealthy, processed food. Every year some 20,000 new food products come onto the market, full of hidden sugars". 

20 Op voeding letten-1.jpg"We don't have periods with less food and you can tell by our bodies. With all the snacks in between, people have as many as nine meals a day. Nine! That daily mountain of sugar and starch simply grinds us sick."

When I read this I was reminded of a statement by Alfred Vogel in Switzerland, with whom I have worked closely for a number of years since 1983. His special view on natural medicine and healthy nutrition testified of vision. For example, on food he said already in the 1960's: "Eat in moderation and use food as much as possible as it is provided by nature, without extensive refining or additives of preservatives, colourings, fragrances and flavourings". At that time, few regular physicians advised their patients on dietary habits or lifestyles. 

Yet this is extremely important, as Professor Pijl rightly points out in the interview: "Good health is not only about nutrition, but also about exercise, enough sleep and less stress. It is remarkable that pioneers such as Alfred Vogel and other advocates of a natural way of life made their case for this decades ago. But it is gratifying that leading physicians such as Professor Arrow also endorse this.