More and more Dutch workers are suffering from work-related stress and burnout symptoms, the Algemeen Dagblad recently reported. According to recent figures, the number of employees with a burnout has doubled over the past twenty years. Burnout has previously been declared the number 1 occupational disease in the Netherlands by research institute TNO. It is feared that without measures a quarter of the employees will be at home or less employable in just over ten years' time.

The newspaper quotes professor and stress expert Willem van Rhenen, who warns that the number of burned people is increasing rapidly in more and more sectors. He is therefore the alarm bell: At the moment, many sectors have growing personnel shortages. As a result, people who are working are getting busier and busier, which in turn leads to more burnout complaints.

In my book 'Stop Stress' I elaborate on various causes of sickening stress. The working environment is an important factor. Working in the midst of roaring equipment, computers and other devices can increase stress. In some places, the environment itself is
an attack on health. Then there is the relationship between colleagues and the possible tense relationship with managers. Excessive performance drive can also be devastating. If everything constantly has to make way for a career, a heavy price will have to be paid one day. Part of that price is a great deal of stress that affects the quality of life.