Mental resilience of many Flemings is almost at an end.
No less than 7 out of 10 Flemish people indicate that their mental resilience is as good as exhausted. They have to
have complaints such as lying awake because of worrying, running out of energy or being burned out
feel. This is the conclusion of a study by Partena Ziekenfonds. About 13% of those who participated in
The investigation was found to be in the burn-out and overtiredness risk area. If
causes are often mentioned stress at work or in traffic, financial concerns, problems with
health and pressure from social obligations.

I am not surprised. My experiences with patients in this area were the reason to write
from the book "Stop Stress". Abnormal fatigue caused by prolonged stress is not a signal to
ignore it. We are all tired at times, for example after a long bike ride, a hard day's work or
an exhausting job. But that usually disappears after a good night's sleep. However, be alert
with the following symptoms:
- You're tired of getting up in the morning.
- You sleep all night and yet you remain tired and sluggish all day.
- You put aside the same tasks over and over again, not being able to explain the less pleasant tasks.
- You have trouble doing the usual daily work.


There can be many causes of persistent fatigue. It may be that the collection systems of
the body should be taken care of, like the liver or the kidneys. Also other physical causes
can play tricks, for example anaemia, low blood pressure or slow functioning of the body.
thyroid gland. Treatment will be most successful if the actual cause is addressed. But in
In many cases, abnormal fatigue is a plea from the body to calm down. It
body then needs rest. Relaxation. To invigorating sleep. Rest is fundamental
for regaining its former vitality.