The body is a great instrument, the many parts of which are highly organised, tuned to each other and coordinated to work together. Much more than we might think at first.

The pancreas, for example, works closely with the stomach. These organs strongly influence each other. What is less known is that there is an 'energy line' between the sinuses, the pancreas and the prostate. These organs also work together in a special way. The sinuses work as 'valves', which must be open. Chronic sinusitis can affect the pancreas, but also vice versa, a disturbed pancreatic function can disrupt the sinuses. There is also a relationship with the prostate. In a good treatment of prostate enlargement, attention is therefore also paid to the pancreas and sinuses. If this does not happen, it is possible that no real result is achieved with a treatment. This is just one example that shows that the overall context of the organism plays a role in the development of a disorder, and can therefore also play a decisive role in a successful treatment.