Drinking lots of water: simple advice for better health

Spring water or mineral water is popular in Belgium. Every year, the average Belgian drinks about 120 to 150 litres of bottled water. This is much more than in the Netherlands, where you get up to 20 to 25 litres per year.
Does it make sense to drink a lot, and does it really matter what you drink?
First of all: drinking good water is very important for your health. In my practice I have often been amazed by the effect of the simple advice to drink more. Patients who drank enough water of the right quality quickly found that this is a great benefit for their body, as in the case of a tense nervous system. For example, more than 80% of the brain is made up of water. Sufficient fluid is therefore a must for a well-functioning nervous system.
Nerve cells do not function as well when they are 'dehydrated'.
How much should you drink? As a rule of thumb: 0.30 litres per ten kilograms of body weight. And then you shouldn't count coffee, tea and soft drinks. There are two types of water:
- In other words, water that is electrically bound or appears to be osmotically bound. For example the water of tea, coffee, soft drinks and so on.
- free water': water that is not mixed with a gas or any other product such as sugar, sweetener or other herb.
So the intention is to drink pure, free mineral water. There are a lot of drinks that are more dehydrating than 'water adding'. Coffee and most soft drinks even promote moisture loss from the cell.
The acidity of the drinking water is also very important. We live in an acidic environment.
In addition, much of the food we take is actually very acidic, or the metabolism of the food produces acids. Our body has a wonderful collection system that neutralizes this acidification as much as possible: alkaline buffering. But this system is heavily burdened, especially in case of stress.
It is therefore advisable to drink alkaline water. This ensures a certain correction. This makes it easier to eliminate the overproduction of acids. This means that the water must have a pH above 7.6. Usually this kind of information is on the label of bottled water.
In short: drinking a lot is very important. And it certainly makes a difference what you drink. In my book 'Stop stress' I have devoted an entire chapter to this subject: 'Drinking a lot of water, a must for our nervous system'.