Every year on March 1th, in various countries attention is paid to 'compliments day'. We also know it in Belgium and the Netherlands. People are encouraged to give each other a compliment more often on that day. A nice initiative, because compliments are important. Never even hearing a praising word can result in negative consequences. [more]

Imuno ND natural hand gel has the same qualities of a alcoholgel but not the site effects [more]

Welcome on the new site of Dr. Marcel Verheyen [more]

I wonder why so little is said about our own immunity, about our own resistance. Yet it plays a major role in an epidemic; with any infection. Ultimately, only a small percent of the population is affected by an infection or who becomes ill as a result of an epidemic. [more]

TIME for DRAINAGE Paying attention to the Covid problem is of course not enough to stay healthy. In addition to our resistance, there are other important elements that determine our health. Proper disposal of toxins is very important to stay healthy and to feel vital. Especially after the winter, the body has a great need to clean up everything properly. [more]

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